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Software Development

Custom software is basically a solution to the specific needs of a client. Though the market of software is very vibrant and diverse but at times it cannot satiate the needs of all businesses. So we need custom software for that. We all are aware that the needs of every business are different, so that is obvious that infrastructure needs of those businesses will also be different. To cater the different needs of our different clients we tailor made software for them. 

For instance the needs of a cafe business is different from that of the automobile business. A cafe business might need a QR code scanner for making payments, might want to provide some benefits to its customers for their loyalty and to retain them. For this they will need Customer loyalty management software. They might also need automatic calculation of discounts so that the employees don’t need to rush for the calculator when they have to calculate a discount. They might want a loyalty card software for their card holder clients.

This was just an example of different needs of a different business. The point is every business and its software needs are different from the other. We create customised solutions just for that particular business. Whatever industry you belong to, we can easily cater to your software needs. 

Types of Custom softwares we develop

  • Financial Management software
  • HR management software
  • Business Intelligence tools
  • Electronic health records
  • Project Management Software
  • Asset Management Software
  • Marketing Automation Software
  • Gaming software
  • Payment system
  • Order Management system

Fundamentals of the software we develop

  • Clean code is one of the most significant features of our development.
  • We focus on quality assurance at every stage of software development.
  • We provide future proof architecture.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • High functionality.

End to end development

We assist customers right from the discovery phase to after release support. Our team will transform your app idea into reality. We investigate the opportunities, gather the opinions and aspirations of all parties involved. We structure and prioritise the requirements. Define the time required and stipulated budget. Then create UI/UX and workflow prototype. Then we test the software, if any technical glitches are arising, we rectify them. We use test automation to decrease the time and cost of testing. Then we deploy the software in your IT environment. 

Why us?

  • We have in-house provisions, we offer the best prices in the market.
  • We have done 100+ projects in various streams of our business.
  • We have dedicated project managers for every project who orchestrate all project work, communicate with your support team, continuously analyse the risks, organize the work to ensure transparency.

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